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3 Ways to Test Your Flooring Samples

Choosing a new floor for your home can be an exciting experience, but actually committing can be a bit nerve wracking. It is a great idea to test flooring samples – several of them – before settling on the one. Engaging with your flooring samples while you’re at home will . . . Read more

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?

When building a new home or remodeling an existing home, flooring choices are everything. With pets in the home, this becomes even more important, because pets are just as hard, if not harder, than people on flooring surfaces. What are the best flooring for pets in the home? Let’s take . . . Read more

How to Stain Hardwood Floors

Staining is a popular way to seal and safeguard hardwood floors. Staining is such a common option because it helps bring out the wood’s grain and texture, and it doesn’t peel and chip the way paint does. However, you need to apply stain properly for it to look nice, and . . . Read more

DIY or Professional?

It’s pretty difficult to decide between the DIY route and the professional route when you’re changing your home decor or considering some home improvements, like installing hardwood floors. After all, when you do it yourself, you ideally won’t have to spend as much money, you have full creative control, and . . . Read more

The Evolution of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an affordable, easy-care flooring solution for homeowners. But where does it come from and what are its applications? We’ll break down the details about this popular flooring, plus show you the ways in which laminate flooring history has evolved over the years. What is Laminate Flooring? Laminate . . . Read more