BuildDirect Makes
Buying Flooring Easy

BuildDirect is your one stop source for flooring. Our wide selection means our team of specialists can match the flooring type, color, style, and finish you’re looking for. Not sure which floor to choose yet? Call our helpful flooring experts at 1-877-631-2845 or email them at - and we’ll find the perfect floor to match your style and needs.

A woman is comparing flooring samples.

What We Offer

A customer service representative is on the phone talking to a customer with smile.

Expert Advice

Take advantage of our top-tier specialists to help you find the right flooring for your project that fits your budget, matches your style and meets your requirements. Our flooring experts will help match product, source stock, manage delivery times and dates, and be the extra set of eyes to find and deliver what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

A variety collection of flooring samples.

Unbeatable Value

Without an expensive distribution network or retail footprint, we can offer you top quality products at very competitive prices. To best help you choose your next best floor, we offer samples that are delivered within days, direct to your door.

A pile of wooden floor planks on a forklift.

Hassle Free Experience

Once you place an order, our logistics team plans and coordinates your delivery to your home or job-site. Shipping building materials can be complicated and expensive, but we have built a delivery network that keeps shipping affordable and hassle-free.

A room scene of warehouse full of floor planks on the shelves.

Deep Inventory

Our substantial stateside inventory with strategic warehouses around North America help us meet the delivery times you specify to your home or jobsite. We have a variety of shipping services, from pickup options to white-glove onsite delivery, which puts your floors exactly where you need them.


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