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Doable DIY Home Projects for Self-Isolation

Being stuck in your home isn’t really anybody’s idea of a good time. While you might be feeling a bit blue and bored, all the time you’re spending at home can be put to good use. How? Through DIY home projects, of course.

There are DIY home projects you can tackle to revamp your space no matter what your skill level. Keep reading to learn more about the DIY home projects you can start and finish while in self-isolation.

DIY Home Projects to Take on While Sheltering in Place

Sort Out Your Storage Area

DIY home projects

Getting motivated to maintain and even improve your home can be difficult when you’re stuck in self-isolation for any length of time. That’s why starting with a project that’s not overly involved is a great way to get moving. What better way to start than with a little old-fashioned organizing?

Whether it’s your garage or a downstairs utility closet that’s packed to the brim, we’ve all got those spaces that we just try to avoid because they’re so full of clutter. Here are some tips to help you get those spaces under control while you’ve got the time at home:

  • Take everything out of your space! Removing items from the garage, closet, attic or basement can help you start from scratch. Moving items to the other side of your work area can also help if you’re working in a large, more open space like a garage.
  • Put aside any items that you don’t want anymore. Create different sections for donations, garage sale items and goods that are best recycled or discarded.
  • Sweep and clean the area thoroughly. Make sure you check for mold if you’re working in a damp, dark space like an attic, basement or garage.
  • Re-sort belongings that you want to keep if needed. For example, you might not want to keep those Halloween decorations mixed in with old family photo albums.
  • Apply labels to boxes and containers before you put them back. Make sure your labeling is clear and legible so you won’t be confused later.

Tackle Air Leaks Around Doors and Windows

DIY home projects

Air leaks can bring unwanted hot and cold outside air into your home. That can mean higher heating and cooling bills year round. Keep outdoor air at bay by patching up often overlooked areas around your home.

Here’s how you can make tackling air leaks one of your DIY home projects this year:

  • Caulk vents and ducts to create a tight seal. Do this indoors and out.
  • Apply weather stripping to windows and doors. Filling loose frames can also help reduce air leakage.
  • Check skylights and other access points around your home for leaks. These often get overlooked.
  • Don’t skip the attached garage. Cold and hot air can easily come in from your garage and get in your home if it is attached. Use weather stripping and ensure all windows are properly fitted.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

DIY home projects
Image via Flickr by ChalonHandmade

You spend a ton of time in your kitchen. When you’re isolated at home, you’re probably in there even more. Updating your kitchen cabinets can modernize your home and make your space feel fresh and bright again.

Here are a few ways to update your kitchen cabinets:

  • Add new hardware. Replacement hardware can transform your kitchen in minutes, and all you need is a screwdriver in most cases. Go for a more modern look, shop for vintage-inspired hardware or mix and match for a truly eclectic style that shows off your personality. Keep the old hardware in case you want to switch back in a month or year.
  • Sand and refinish natural wood cabinets. Wood cabinets can be brought back to life several times through sanding and refinishing. While this can be a complex job, it’s also a great project when you have time on your hands at home. Practice the process on finished scrap wood before working on your kitchen cabinets if you’ve never taken a project like this on before.
  • Prime and paint. A little easier than sanding and refinishing your kitchen cabinets, priming and painting can be a fun process. Learning to use a paint sprayer can also give you more professional results and a better texture, particularly for more modern spaces.
  • Give kitchen cabinets a deep cleaning. Not every kitchen project needs to be a major renovation. If you love your look, a serious deep cleaning can help you get rid of grime and make your kitchen look new again. Focus on areas around the stove first. These tend to have the most stuck-on gunk.
  • Replace old cabinet liners and inserts. Cabinet liners and inserts can get worn, dirty and damaged in a hurry. Pull out the old paper or replace soft liners with new ones. You can do this in a day or even an afternoon.

Pro Tip:

Need another kitchen project after updating your cabinetry? Replacing old backsplash tile can have a dramatic impact in an aging kitchen. It’s one of the best DIY home projects for moderately experienced homeowners too.

Add an Accent Wall

DIY home projects

Touching up your kitchen cabinets or going for an entirely new color scheme can breathe new life into your kitchen. It will also keep you busy for days, which is a major plus when you’re isolated at home. If you’re feeling handy with a paint brush, adding an accent wall next can help you spruce up your home even more.

Here are a few ways to create a lively accent wall in any room:

  • Go for a bold, bright paint color that really makes a statement. Look to pick up other colors already in your home décor items like rugs, window treatments and art. Your existing flooring can also help you choose the right wall color for your room.
  • Opt for a uniquely textured wall. A herringbone wood wall can add excitement and depth to your room. Tile and other hard materials can also add color and texture to spaces throughout your house.
  • Include a new piece of art on your accent wall. Adding shelving can also help make a family space more functional.
  • Create a chalkboard wall so your kids can add some color. You can go for a full chalkboard wall or just a section for drawing and writing messages.

Say Goodbye to Squeaky Floors

DIY home projects

Everybody has a floor board or two that they step over because they know it squeaks. That stops today! Here are some tips to help you banish squeaky floor boards for good:

  • Take note of where you are within your home. First floor squeaks are best addressed from below if you have access.
  • Have somebody walk on the floor while you are below the floor boards. This can help you pinpoint the squeak so you can address it with minimal effort.
  • Use a shim if there’s a gap between the subfloor and joist that is causing squeaking. Wood shims work well and can be put in place quickly and easily.
  • Use a short wood screw to secure the squeaky wood plank to the subfloor. Ensure that the screw won’t go through the wood or cause a split at the top.
  • Get rid of squeaks under carpet by cutting through the webbing and padding to access the subfloor. Use a screw to secure the subfloor to the joist below.

Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready for Summer

DIY home projects

You’ve been trapped inside a lot, but summer is on the horizon. Here are a few tips to help you get your deck, patio or backyard ready for summer weather that can’t come soon enough:

  • Inspect your outdoor spaces for damaged wood boards or tile that needs to be replaced. Order materials to tackle repairs now.
  • Clean off mold, moss and weeds around decks, patio and outdoor dining areas.
  • Check for sunken patio pavers and walkway steps. Repair these in dry weather.
  • Condition furniture made from materials like wood. Now is a great time to refinish older pieces that need a little TLC as well.
  • Locate all of your outdoor cushions and furniture pieces. Give them a thorough cleaning so you’re ready to spend time outside as soon as it is warm.

The Perfect Time for DIY Home Projects

Self-isolation doesn’t have to be boring. With the right DIY home projects, staying at home with your family can actually be quite productive.

Need a little help with your DIY home projects? Reach out to the trained professionals at BuildDirect today. We can help you track down all of the materials you need and answer any questions about how to complete your project.

There’s no time like the present to dive in and get started! After all, you’re already at home, right?

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